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So everyone can enjoy their fencing time, treat everyone with respect and maturity.  Follow the direction of coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteers that help. If a problem should arise, please speak privately with Grace so she can address it.

Safety is everyone's responsibility.  Although fencing is a combat sport, observance of some simple rules will prevent most injuries.

 Wear proper attire when fencing: mask, glove, white jacket, knickers, and underarm protector.  The proper attire is important for classes and lessons as well as competition.  Knickers do not have to be worn for classes and lessons; warmups or sweats are adequate but shorts are not as they leave legs unprotected.

 Never enter the strip area without your mask.  Always wear your mask when bouting or taking lessons.  NEVER point a weapon at anyone that does not have a mask- EVER.

 YOu MUST inspect your weapons and protective equipment prior to bouting. If the plastic tip is missing on your foil or the foil tape is damaged, don't use it!  If your epee is missing a screw, don't use it.  In all three weapons, if the blade is not uniform, don't use it.  Get replacements instead.

 Make sure your strip surface is clear of all debris, weapons, masks or other items which may cause trips, slips, or falls.

 NO HORSEPLAY on strip because others are waiting to fence. Never attempt to make contact with someone who is bouting on another strip. 

 Never enter or exit the fencing area by crossing a strip where bouting is occurring.  Always use the walkway, but be aware that fencers may come across this area at any time.

 Warm up before bouting or lessons because most fencing injuries are from muscle, ligament, or tendon trauma from failure to warm up.

 Practice good fencing techniques, posture, and footwork to prevent bad habits, which can lead to injuries.

 Bout ONLY when a coach or instructor is present, and only under qualified supervision.

 No running is allowed.  Fencers will not be allowed to leave unless the parents or guardian are physically present to pick them up.

 If you are using the club's borrowed equipment, treat it like it is your own.  When releasing the fencer's end of the reel, NEVER allow the cord to snap back to the reel because this damages equipment that can be very time consuming and expensive to repair.  While using equipment that is not yours, take care not to forcefully damage it.  After using equipment, remove body cords and places in the designated storage area.  HANG UP all jackets and lames when finished fencing.  Place masks on racks inside box.  Do not leave the storage area a mess.  Everyone should take a part in picking up and putting away equipment at the end of class. 

Do not bring food or drinks to class.  There is a concession stand nearby that you can purchase food from if you are hungry.  Leave our space clean and organized.