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Coastal Bend Fencing Society 2002-2014

Coastal Bend Fencing Society's roots are out of Texas State University.  Our first free foil mini tournament was held at Tuloso Midway Middle School with John Moreau, Kyle Maysel, and Berto Ramirez refereeing/ officating.  After that, our first salle was on Main Street in Robstown at the Coastal Gymnastics Academy.  Membership dwindled, and the club closed for a number of years, and the buliding burned. Grace gifted all the equipment to Texas A&M University's Fencing League to support a club her daughter and JJ Mendez started on campus at the Sports Rec Building. Grace volunteer coached them for a couple of years and was instrumental in getting them to where they could compete in the Southwest Intercolliegate Fencing Association. 

Coastal Gymnastics Academy- Our First "Home"

Grace's Coaches/Supporters: Kyle Maysel & Lou Smith (Missing is John Moreau).

The Kellogs & Others at the Robstown Location

Our 2 Saber Teams Taking 1st & 2nd at the Bobcat Open

A Walmart Expo to Raise Funds for our Junior Olympic Team!

Our 2nd Junior Olympic Saber Team

Coaches Going Live on TV: Lei Tan, Bob Jones, Grace Buchanan, & Jason Gulcheif

Fencers Terry Groff, Bob Jones, Jon Krystinik

Our First Tournament at Tuloso-Midway Middle School!

Our Second Tournament at Robstown High School

Grace & Megan (her daughter) competing at the Games of Texas (Corpus Christi)

Simulated Wheelchair Fencing at CBFS Local Tourney

Games of Texas (King High School in Corpus Christi, TX) that We Helped Co-Host

Trojanowskis & Raymond Harrison Assisting Set up for CBFS Mixed Open (Port Aransas, Tx)

Beginner's Dry Foil in Robstown

Coach Grace Demonstrating to TAMUCC's Fencing League How to Set Up & Run Electric Scoring Equipment

Grace Refereeing at TAMUCC with Fencing League

Fencing at TAMUCC's Sports Rec Bldg

Assisting TAMUCC's Fencing League

Grace's Saber Squads (TAMUCC Fencing League @ SWIFA Tourney)