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2016: A Great Year for Coastal Bend Fencing Society!

Great things happened for our club in 2016.  We outgrew Strong Arm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's room, and moved to Sokol Hall at 5502 Kostoryz  (We still miss Justin Barker in Flour Bluff).  We hosted our first US Fencing Association sanctioned tournament (Corpus Christi Challenge) in years alongside a referee clinic with Justin Meehan and a bout committee clinic with Jamie Fife.  We gave a demonstration at the South Texas Home Schooler's Convention.  We fenced at Sunrise Mall and hosted a nonsanctioned tournament there (Mini Yorick 2016). FOUR of our club members qualifed to compete at Summer Nationals in Dallas, Texas with 3 actually competed.  We purchased our first electric timing box and reels and added lots more equipment, filling our equipment box to the max!  Jay Young, Chris Erickson, Chris Williams, and Juan Miguel Campana along with Grace Buchanan coached our fencers throughout the year.  We ended the year with a Christmas blowout party and decorated gingerbread fencers!  What a year!!! To 2017, we say, "BRING IT ON!!!"

Sokol Hall 5502 Kostoryz Corpus Christi, Tx became our NEW home in April.

The Play Luxury Magazine ran a feature article on Coach Grace

We Joined US Fencing Association as a Member Club.

South Texas Homeschool Association's Demonstration

We purchased electrical scoring equipment.

Justi Meehan came down after Summer National Championships and held a Referee Seminar at Sokol Hall in July.

Jamie Fife held a bout committee seminar along with the referee seminar.

We held a tournament in conjunction with the referee & bout committee seminars (Corpus Christi Challenge).

Chris Williams worked with our fencers.

Jay Young coaching fencers.

Mini Yorick Awards at Sunrise Mall

Beginner Foil Certificate & Patch Awards at Sunrise Mall

King & Queen of the Hill- Sunrise Mall

Coach Kyle Refereeing Epee Gold Medal Bout

Saber Finalists at Corpus Christi Challenge including Justin Meehan, Chris Erickson, & Chris Williams.

Y14 Foil Finalists (Corpus Christi Challenge)

Jay Young teaching referee skills.

Coach Grace at Summer National Championships

Saber Fencing at Sunrise Mall

Epee Fencing at Sunrise Mall