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Meet Coastal Bend Fencing Society's Coaches:

Welcome to our Coaches' page! 



Grace Buchanan- A veteran teacher of 24 years and Professional Member of USFA, Grace originally studied fencing for 1 1/2 years at Texas State University 36 years ago under John Moreau (US Pentathlete & US National Champion in Div 1 Men's Epee) and Lew Smith (US Pentathlete). She competed in epee and saber in Summer National Championship 2016. In the past she ranked nationally 9th in her age division in Vet Women's Saber (40). She holds a Moniteur in Foil & Saber with United States Fencing Coaches Association and is a Coach member of United States Fencing Association with Safe Sport training and background check. She's also a rated referee with the Fencing Officials Commission in saber, epee, and foil.

Bob Jones, a local talk show host, works with our fencers as often as he can.  His previously coaching experiences include coaching at TAMUCC, TAMUK, and Temple University.  He fenced in NCAA Division 1, USA National Fencing, and competed in the Martini-Ross Invitational.  Jones qualified for alternate in the 1980 Olympic Games in team epee.

Richard Schrieber is an Assistant Coach with CBFS.  He was the President of Fencing League at TAMUCC, and coached them to compete state wide in SWIFA.  He's working on his fencing referee and coaching certifications.  He's a Southwest Intercollegiate Fencing Association competitor in epee & Coach member of United States Fencing Association with Safe Sport Training and background check.

 Michael Clem is an Assistant Coach for Coastal Bend Fencing Society.  He is a United States Fencing Association competitive member and is a certified referee with the Fencing Officials Commisssion in saber, epee, and foil