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The following is a list of vendors that offer fencing equipment.  Alliance and Swordmasters are based in Texas, which is very convenient. 


Equipment Websites:

Ted Li Alwyn does an awesome job tailoring your equipment to your needs! He's in Texas, too, so give him a call at 972-805-6138 for more information.

Sam Signorelli is out of California and offers a wide range of equipment.  Give him a call at 818-567-2280, and he'll set you up with what you need.

Gary Spruill is an awesome guy and I have done business with him on and off for years.  He's based in Fort Worth and offers Negrini and their own house brand of equipment. If you want quality, he has it.

Blue Gauntlet offers inexpensive sets and they are located in New Jersey.  My first sets of equipment came from them.


Radical Fencing offers an inexpensive Dynamo epee blade that paired with a German tip is very reliable and durable.


Fencing Related Websites:

FIE is the international fencing organization.  

USFA is our national fencing organization.

USFCA is our national coaches association.

SWIFA is the collegiate fencing conference in Texas.